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Yard Waste Dumping
The Trustees want to remind all residents that depositing branches, leaves or other yard waste onto common ground, streets or into sewers is in violation of the subdivision By-laws and may also be illegal. Yard waste deposited onto common ground can kill native plants underneath, whose roots help maintain soil integrity. Once the plants and roots are dead, erosion often results. The Trustees spend thousands of dollars on common ground erosion issues annually.  Dumping yard waste on common ground hurts all of us when subdivision funds are diverted from other needs to address erosion issues.
Any resident who is found to have dumped yard waste onto common ground or into sewers will be required to rectify the situation or pay the cost of remediation incurred by the Trustees. If a resident hires a contractor who subsequently causes yard waste to be deposited onto common ground or sewers, the resident is responsible for the actions of his or her contractor.
Please refrain from this destructive practice, and bring any issues that you are aware of to the attention of the Trustees.
Trustees of Seven Pines

The Seven Pines Board of Trustees has nine positions. Trustees are resident volunteers who serve on the board for three-year terms and may fill specific positions including Treasurer, President, Vice President and Secretary. The board is responsible for the fiscal health of the subdivision including collection of annual resident fees, payment of subdivision bills and improvements to the subdivision grounds and pool area as needed.

President:  Lynda Sotolar

Vice President:  Norman Rich

Treasurer:  Sharon Reilly

Secretary:  Dawn McNamee

Kim Bryant

Peter Roth

Adam Spector

Nick Todd

The Trustees meet the first Tuesday of every month.  If you are interested in attending as a resident of the neighborhood, please contact a trustee to confirm location.  Residents are encouraged to attend.  Click here for guidelines for residents attending trustee meetings.

The meeting minutes from each Trustee meeting can be found in your monthly Forest Flashes and on this website under "Trustee Meeting Minutes."

When residents purchase their home they must agree to the subdivision indentures, or trust agreement. This includes the bylaws which help determine what residents are allowed or not allowed to do. The trustees interpret the trust agreement for the betterment of the neighborhood. They interpret them because the bylaws do not explicitly cover all possible situations and expressly convey powers to the trustees to implement these indentures.  We encourage all resident to download and familiarize yourself with these documents (below) as they are the rules of the subdivision.

*The board has no official power to police the actions of residents of the subdivision outside the indentures signed when residents move in. If residents believe something illegal is happening, they should call the St. Louis County police or 911 in an emergency. 

The board may be contacted through United States Postal Service at:

Trustees of Seven Pines Subdivision

P. O. Box 1461

Maryland Heights, MO 63043

Please click below to view copy of the Seven Pines Trust Indentures and Amendment and Trustee Policies.

Are you curious where many of Seven Pines Subdivision's Indentures come from?  St. Louis County has set forth many policies for all residents of St. Louis County to adhere to, and we have included them to our Indentures to be sure that we are following County code. Click HERE to view the most recent update of the St. Louis County Ordinance Guidebook.